Our Partners

Teacher in a Box has collaborated with Computers 4 Learning (C4L), a project of the Rotary Club of Nundah, to undertake our data erasure and provide technical services to the project.

WipeDrive and Blancco are world leaders in data erasure, and both are used by C4L to ensure secure wiping of all hard drives before deployment.

We are now using RACHEL (Remote Area Community Hotspot for Education and Learning) as a content provider for our Teacher in a Box units.

You can find a list of the RACHEL modules already available at racheloffline.org.

The exciting thing about Teacher in a Box is that additional content can be added by our team prior to deployment or locally at the place of deployment, through RACHEL.

Khan Academy offers a range of subjects but mainly Math, Science, Finance and computer programming.

Year levels range from basic primary through to university level.

There is also a wide range of information and vocational materials covering topics such as agriculture, environment, medical, sanitation and water management.

Some resources such as KA Lite (the off-line version of Khan Academy ), are offered in multiple languages.

This opens up the opportunity for people to produce their own content for their community and share advice on how and where the content matches their national curriculum for a particular subject and year level.

World Possible is also a not-for-profit organisation which developed the RACHEL server (Remote Area Computer Hotspot for Education and Learning), which works in a similar way to our Teacher in a Box servers.

As part of their project they have gathered an enormous amount of open licence educational content and made it freely available to all.

World Possible is the major content provider for our Teacher in a Box (RACHEL) build.

The Foundation for Learning Equality, a not-for-profit organisation, was started up by a group of university students in San Diago, USA.

Food Plant Solutions delivers self-sustaining solutions to hunger, malnutrition and food security in countries throughout the developing world.